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My new Cruiser Chick!

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Its been a pretty busy 2 weeks, and we've had Kaleigh home with us since 12/30!

She was tiny at birth, 5lb 1oz, but in the past 20 days has grown to 6lb 7oz! She is a real beauty, lucky for her she doesn't have my DNA!;)

Momma and I are starting to get the hang of this parenthood thing, but I don't think I'll be fully comfortable until she's at least 25 yrs old!!:D

I've gotten a few requests for pics, but have been too busy to post. Since I have a bit of time right now, I thought I'd post a few!

Here's my little Crusier Chick, Kaleigh Brookfield!

Our little Christmas present!

The Croc Hunter and Jacko make it easy for knuckleheads like me to have a kid!

And she's already thinking about next Christmas!!:D

Thanks to everyone that offered well wishes and congratulations! Sorry If I missed thanking you personally, its been pretty hectic here! Here are some more pics for those that might be interested!!

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It warms my heart that all of you are nice enough to give Ethan such a large Cruiser Chick dating pool...

Congrats again Sean and you too K5! I almost fell over then I saw the . .. cruiser powerwheels photo!
MD11Fr8Dog said:

fc, first one! That I know of!! ;)

I thought marriage was great, but this makes it better!!

Thanks again guys!!
wow, cool :beer:

enjoy the "calm before the storm" they are easy right out of the gate, in a year or two, it gets crazy.

watching your old lady go through all that definately gives you a whole new respect for her huh.

and that says allot coming from a sexist pig like me :D

congrats again, and enjoy! :beer:
Congradulations! :beer:

I had too... :D


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hey, blinky billy actually came up with something funny!!!!

congrats again to you and your wife sean!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope the dags don't get too jealous.:rolleyes:
Congrats Sean!

I have three dogs, but couldn't imagine adding a little one to the stables...good thing my wife is of the same opinion! I love the 4 labs, tree, and your baby girl!

If you want some hokie stuff, let me know...it's in my ******* of the woods :)

congrats again and good to know that things are on the up and up! maybe you should get another 40 to start on a resto for her so she'll be able to drive it when she's 16

Awesome. Being a dad is my favorite thing, even if I'm not very good at it. Congratulations!

MD11Fr8Dog said:
Hehe, I have my wife worried that I've ordered all kinds of infant Hokie clothing. That can wait until the summer! Wait until she says I ordered Kaleigh an ih8mud ball cap and a Cruiser Chick bib!!:D If only Pirate4x4 had infant stuff. Can we get baby hoodies??:D
I wondered what the hat order was for! Now I know! (in the mail today, BTW)


wow, little cruiserheads popping up all over!
congrats dude!!! :beer:
Here's to you and your wife:beer:

Now in a year you need to work on the sibling. Can't go through this Fawkin world without a sibling. With your age now they will need someone to rely on in 20 years:flipoff2:

Seriously, I have three and they are so different from each other it's like having a small community in your home. Enjoy!

Enjoy these days while you can! It will change dramatically by the time she is 6. Mine are shopping ALL the time!
Congrats Sean!
Congrats to you , your wife and your four Labs.
They will definately be your daughters best friends in the years to come.

Sean, congradulations!!!!!:beer: :beer:

Great looking family you've got there........ Love the labs and baby under the tree......

Congrats, and best wishes!
Thanks again everyone.

I actually slept through the night last night :zzz: - my wife didn't though! Guess it'll be my turn tonight for no sleep!


I'll be decking her out in Hokie gear for her first football game next season - USC v Va Tech at FedEx Field!! Until then, who knows what size she will be!;) Besides, she's just thinking about her first wheeling event this Spring/Summer!! :D

Also, I'm still gonna take you up on the offer to draw up that tank for me!! As soon as I get out to the garage and take some measurements!:rolleyes:
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