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My S10 Truggy build.

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This has been extremely long time in the making. Ive been collecting parts and waiting patiently. I have had a full size Dodge and I think its pretty capable but I wanted something I could wheel and not have to worry about getting back home. It will towed most of the time. Also want it to fit on the trails! My objective is to have a vehicle that is titled and licensed but be a little wild. I decided on using a S10 2wd that didn't run when I bought it. I'm not a master fabricator but I'm gonna do my best. Here is some of the parts going into it:

350 tbi
TH 400
Atlas 4 speed(5.44 low range)
GM dana 60
14 bolt rear
All 4 link suspension
2.5" Air shocks 16" travel
Recentered Humvee wheels
42" pitbull rockers(most likely)

I've ditched the stock frame and basically starting on a vehicle from scratch. First thing I did was buy some 1/8" angle iron and get my drive train in the air to start building around.

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box or round body:D looks good man dont forget the rear atlas support
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