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My S10 Truggy build.

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This has been extremely long time in the making. Ive been collecting parts and waiting patiently. I have had a full size Dodge and I think its pretty capable but I wanted something I could wheel and not have to worry about getting back home. It will towed most of the time. Also want it to fit on the trails! My objective is to have a vehicle that is titled and licensed but be a little wild. I decided on using a S10 2wd that didn't run when I bought it. I'm not a master fabricator but I'm gonna do my best. Here is some of the parts going into it:

350 tbi
TH 400
Atlas 4 speed(5.44 low range)
GM dana 60
14 bolt rear
All 4 link suspension
2.5" Air shocks 16" travel
Recentered Humvee wheels
42" pitbull rockers(most likely)

I've ditched the stock frame and basically starting on a vehicle from scratch. First thing I did was buy some 1/8" angle iron and get my drive train in the air to start building around.

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Next thing I did is I got some 2x3 1/8" wall and ordered up 200' of 1.75" .120 wall DOM tube. Im starting with the rectangular first and then going to be caging it in the rest. The attached pic is about a week of working on it. I got the most main rails made and got the motor mounts and the tranny mount done.

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Then I started on the front 4 link. I made a plate thats bolted on to the pumpkin and uses one of the leaf spring bolts and two 1/2" bolts that are under the heim. Im trying to keep this build low and and stable. I'm thinking I will run about 6" of uptravel and 10" down. Here is some pics of the suspension getting cycled.

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Here is the hoops in the front. Bending tubes is harder than I thought it would be. Hydraulic conversion was put on my bender. Im loving it.

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box or round body:D looks good man dont forget the rear atlas support
I ordered one a month ago from. He was in the middle of switching suppliers. I told him I wasn't in a big hurry for it because it ain't gonna slow me down. Yeah I got the round style. 1996
Next was the rear. It was much easier. Not a whole lot of clearance issues unlike the front. My lower links are 1.75" .25 wall lower links and the uppers are 1.5" .25" wall. I almost went to .120" wall uppers but I never want to them to break so I just went with the .25" wall. All the work in this thread was done in about a month. I am very happy with my progress so far and lets hope it keeps on keeping on.

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My progress for the day. Took much longer than I thought it would but I had to hand notch all this stuff.

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This is what I'm wanting to do with the cab. I'm not bolting the cab on. It's going to be part of the roll cage itself. I want the body to be protected somewhat. But I'm not to fond of exo cages and internal cages don't protect the outside at all. Now I know it will eventually get mangled but this should slow it to make the body last for a while. The tube will have a lot of roll bends and the tubes on the top and sides are going to be frenched in. I think I'm using right term. Here's a little drawing I did at lunch today.

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Here's what I got done this weekend so far. I cut the back of the cab off and cut out where there engine is. Then I rolled the cab outside and my Dad and I laid it on the frame. After some measuring I figured out that with 6" of uptravel the truck will be only be roughly 80" tall. :smokin: Im going to need to get different headers. The S10 V8 swap headers aint gong to work so Ill be selling them. Here is some pics of the approximate placement of the cab.

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In a earlier post I talked about how I don't like the look of exo cages. I have seen some good ones but my idea is to attach my cage onto the body. The tube will be half way inside the body and half outside body. It is a little different but it will be unique. I think it's gonna look cool but it is going to be alot of work but I'm ok with that. Here is some roll bends that I've made. The chalk is the back of the cab i made that when I laid the cab on its back Should give a little idea of what I'm doing.

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Yeah I saved the back window but below the window I'm going to make a X with tube for lateral strength. Your exo cage is actually one the ones that looks pretty good.
It should look like that I notched it into the cab when I done. I saved the back window. If it comes out like I want to I think you will like it when I'm done. It's definitely a different set up. I think it will look good.
I've had to work 12 hours during the last week and I will also have to work 12's this coming week but I do have a 3 day weekend so I will have sometime to get some work done this weekend. Here is what I got this morning.

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Just got word today that I don't think I'm going to very busy this summer at work. :D I now have more motivation than ever to get this done quickly so I can wheel with it. Plan on seeing some updates on this weekend for sure. Cab is nearly ready to be put on right now. I can't wait.
So I got outta work early today. That means I had time to work on my truck. The last couple of days I was cutting my rock slider supports that tie the sliders into the frame. Today I attached them and got the cab in place. I'm going to have almost a 5 foot bed. Which is good because this is going to be a recreational truck. Should have good weight distribution. Took a few pics.

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Looks like you'll have to make another AZ trip then! This time bring both the bike, and the truck!
That would be badass trip. Maybe one day. If you ever come back up here get a hold of me for sure. I give you a ride in this mans truck. Haha
I am liking the truck, it's simple yet sophisticated. Just wish the back of the cab was still there LOL
The back of the cab might make it back on the truck this weekend too!
Looks great, What dimensions did u use for your boxed portion of your frame, Ive been collecting parts for a very similar project. 60/14 bolt, 5.3L, th400, 203/205 full 4link, all under an extended cab S10. Still tossing around afew ideas though.
I used 2x3 1/8th inch rectangular. My cab is going to be welded to the frame along with the cage. So its kinda like a unibody. I think Im going to reinforce the parts that are going to be dragging on the rocks alot to keep them from denting in right away.
how wide are your frame rails? 30"? really like the idea of frenched in exo cage. Im having a hard time deciding which way to go, exo or in cab..... cant wait to see how yours turns out
The middle of the frame where the trans and t case is 30" inside the rails but the back and front of the rails are like 24" I think.
Worked on the truck a little. I think the pieces that I making here are the hardest to make. Didn't make as much progress as I thought I was gonna get this weekend but its some at least. I don't know if I'm gonna change the firewall/lower windshield tube. I'm not really totally happy with it. Let me know what you think.

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