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My ultra slow buggy build

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To start off with I stole all this off a local board that i posted my junk on. This is totally a budget build for me. and when I have time and money I work on it.

so here we go

This is my first Buggy build ever 90% of this is build is all my design in my head...lol ( thats not good) personaly I do a ton of research that led me here. I love the low wide big tire look but unfortunatly it just won't work for me here on the West coast. Since my whole life has been in the performance industry you know this bitch will make some power but I don't wanna get too crazy. anyways before we get into my junk here I will appologize before hand for CAP'S my computer here at work only uses cap's and sometime I jump back and forth between work and play ;D

Well this all started many many moon's ago over a drunk'in conversation down at K.O.H. and the ball was set in a very very slow moving roll. the main thing's I wanted was a chassis that I could beat the shit out of and never worrie about it. I decided to go with cromo mainly cuz I could get a stupid good deal on it. this build started off shooting for the moon and since I have two teen age boy's it has been pulled way back.........waaay back. this whole build is not a priority to me and I play with it as time and money permit's. my wife and I are all about our family and we spend a ton of time with our boy's. it's not uncommon to be at somesort of a sport event 7 day's a week between games and practices.

Anyway's the main chassis is 1 3/4 .120 wall cromo and a mix of 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 here and there. the biggest concern's for me was that i had enough room for my fat ass to be comfy all day long. i bought a truck load of tube around 280 feet and started hoarding parts. the list of junk as follow's


Chassis spec's
all cromo (had to be Tig welded that was the deal I made to the guy I got the tube from )
fit for a fat guy
110 w/b
54 inches wide
TC FJ40 hood and grill

6.0 LS engine
Mast motorsports Head's
custom ground cam by Erson
hex adjust timming set
Morel lifter's that get rid of the gay plastic insert's
F.A.S.T. truck intake for 102mm throttle body
Badass rocker's
custom built stepped header's by Paul Barrett
built TH400 trans
3.8 Atlas case
narrowed Dana 60 front
14 Bolt rear with C&C hub's
PRP low back Comp fat boy seat's
FSR Dual pass radiator,trans cooler, engine oil cooler and p/s cooler
22 Gallon fuel cell
2.5 7075 lower link's
2" upper's
1.250 heim's
14" Bilstein coilover's

I found a few pics of old progress and parts so here you go



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ordered up all the material to do the interior this week so I got bored and started messing around with templates and found myself tinkering with the smallest thing's.......anyways the material should be in next week I think, so if I have time i'll start on it. right now i'm waiting on the shop to build me a couple spacer's I need so that I can get the motor mounts welded up then the engine, trans and case can come out. once thats done the engine will get torn down and completly gone threw and install all the crap I have for it. the trans was already rebuilt but I obtained an 'HD" case TH400 that I will have Erik swap the gut's into and also install some more goodies I have for it. while thats all being done I figured I would also machine the 14 bolt down and get Cody to tig weld that bitch up and while he's at it I will have him tig all the cast stuff that need's to be done. I got all the tab's and thing's I need to get the shock's mounted but unfortunatly I let someone borrow the spacer's for their rig for K.O.H. and where supposed to replace them and have never got them back soooo I need to order those too.

couple pics of me playing around

and the new front upper link tab tacked in
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not a ton of progress but some has been made. I dropped off the dually hub's to be machined to the SRW also picked this little baby up :Big Grin:

In the back ground you can see the stainless showed up for the dash and center console. I have it all layed out now just need to punch some holes for the small gauges and get it sheered and bent, maybe thursday I can do that if I get time. the main dash is going to look badass in my oppinion ( the only one that matter's ;) ) only issue is that damn 5" tach requires a 4 5/8 hole. cody said he has a punch that will do the 2 5/8 but cant find the 4 5/8 he has so I might get a friend to water jet it so it's clean :Big Grin:

my aluminum showed up for the interior last night but I still need to address mounting the seat's but i have an idea for that just need more tube ....lol
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started playing around with the interior templates. when the aluminum was shipped they put cardboard in between the aluminum pieces and then used 1/8 chip board then banded it together. the cool thing is I got to use them fo rthe templates. anyways this was the outcome of my vision

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Turn your fawking CAP lock off. Dyammm man. :flipoff2:

So how big of a bump stick are you running to feed that big mouth butterfly?

That FAST intake is taller then I thought they were. May look into one of those down the road.
this past weekend i got the holes cut for the 5" monster tack and speedo cut out. this week I hope to get it next door to the sheet metal guy to break it then i can start making progress
Nice! I wish I'd have had the room to run the truck 102. What's the bracket in the factory alt location for?
Turn your fawking CAP lock off. Dyammm man. :flipoff2:

So how big of a bump stick are you running to feed that big mouth butterfly?

That FAST intake is taller then I thought they were. May look into one of those down the road.

READ MY FRIEND....READ ....LOL the cap lock thing is not my fault. my work computer is set for only caps for some stupid reason

yes the cam is healthy but not too wild. i went with the 92mm throttle body instead of the 102mm for that reason....

quick pic of the dash after getting the holes in it i had to put gauges in to check it out :flipoff2:
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the bracket on the driverside next to the balancer is where the tensioner now goes. the bracket kit i got moves the alt infront of the passengerside head and the tensioner down low ( im not a fan of the tensioner location) so now im looking into a different mount :D
Looking good! I'll make you an alternator mount that gets rid of that tensioner.
I kinda figured. I was being lazy and looking for a tensioner or idler to clear the belt of the upper link between the pump and crank. Probably end up making one.

As for the 102 TB. They actually machine the bottom of the throat with a nice little hump that addresses idle tuning issues folks were having with the larger TBs.
this intake actually has been ported. if you look in the comp cams or F.A.S.T. cataloge it shows " ported " well this is exactly that intake :D it was the dyno mule
I really dig how you did the front lower link brackets on the axle. I have been trying to figure out a clean way of doing that same thing. Any chance of you sharing that cad file? Nice work
digging that front truss
Thanks guys I do know the cad file is around somewhere. the lowers mounts are from Shaffers offroad

I know I have a long road ahead of me but i'm down
Nice build. Can't wait to see it on the trail.
nice build, sorry to hear some jack ass almost stopped your build!
nice build, sorry to hear some jack ass almost stopped your build!
thank's man

Yeah the lose of so much killed me. but im rebounding from it :flipoff2:
Thanks for the engine skid ideas!

Great progress. Keep sharing.
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