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Well, figured Id put a build thread on pirate since this is where the cool kids hang out. :smokin:
This current build out has been in the garage for about a year now. When I pulled it in, I had a funny drive line noise and figured out it was a number of things so I said screw it and decided to rip it all out and throw some JK 44s under it. about.. 6 months later, I said "Fuck it, Im running 40s... fuck these 44s" and sold them. So since then, Ive gone ahead and ordered a front 60 housing built from East coast gear, picked up a 14 that was sitting at my buddies house and now that the weather is warming up here in illinois, Im getting back under the jeep and making some progress.

Heres the current "Build list of goodies"
Front Kingpin 60(Chevy width, drivers drop.. I have my reasons)
Solid C's and knuckles
BTF high steer arms
14b FF, disk brakes, artec full width truss, pinion shovel, bridge and 13bolt shave kit
NWF eco box filled with 231 guts, 6pinion planetary... yada yada
241(not OR... yet...maybe...) outof a JK
Got some Fox 12" 2.0 coilovers laying around...
Genright XJ gas tank...
And some other stuff

Where Im at now... Im currently Cutting up my old Rock krawler brackets in the rear to get my new Ironman 4 link brackets in place. Once those are all cut out, little bit of welding on the frame stiffeners then tacking the new brackets on top of all that. Then set my rear pinion angle for the 8" longer transfercase so i can clock the truss correctly. then burn that all in, Get some tube to make the links and start knocking out the front. This all sounds simple, but has taken me foreverrrrrrrrr to get to this point, I am ashamed.

Heres some pictures for those of you who need them for visuals.

:flipoff2: to the rest of you
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