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N.O.S. nitrous "BIG SHOT"kit

clean newer hi-flo bottle.includes purge kit.just needs an arming switch,relay, and some wiring.

V8 Holley 4 barrel, Carter AFB (late) carburetors, NOS Big Shot nitrous system

Adjustable from 200 to 400 HP depending on application, The NOS Big Shot plate system has a precision-machined, 68-hole spray bar injector plate that allows fuel and nitrous to fog or atomize, at much finer levels than older plate designs. The Big Shot system comes with the injector plate, large-capacity solenoids, large -6 AN nitrous feed line, 10 lb. unfilled bottle, jets, brackets,and mounting hardware.

summits list price- $529.95
part# NOS-02101
hi flow valve-$54.95
purge kit-$94.95
best offer over $350.00 shipped takes it. it has been used.
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