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Yesterday was National Public Lands Day. What projects did other groups organize or participate in?

U4WDA and its member clubs worked at 14 sites across Utah. Estimated number of volunteers was about 390, although we're still waiting for the official numbers.

We held a group project in American Fork Canyon just south of Salt Lake City. Clubs involved included Utahoffroad.com, Utah4x4Club.com, Wasatch Cruisers, Lone Peak 4 Wheelers, Zuktah, and Utah Xterra Owners Club. Additionally, we had many individual members, and a group from Teraflex came out to help. In total, we had 97 volunteers.

Activities included:
*Trash removal from over 100 dispersed sites
*4 fences totaling 120 feet to close illegal, user-created routes
*Posts and signs installed on a washed out section of trail dangerous for 4x4 vehicles (several rigs have rolled off the hill at this spot over the last few years)
*Utah4x4Club.com installed two information kiosks as part of their adopt-a-road project on the Forest Lake trail

We started at 9:00 AM, and finished at 2:00 PM. We finished only minutes before the snow started falling.

Big thanks to Teraflex, Teraflex Plus, Six States Distributors, and Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts for sponsoring free t-shirts again this year.

Some of the group:

Building fence:

Drilling is fun:

Some of the fence crew:

One pile of trash:

After the project, a few of us ran up to Forest Lake in the snow.

My Scout:

Rigs and drivers:

We are trying to fill the "management gap" at American Fork Canyon for the Forest Service as their resource limitations make it nearly impossible for them to properly manage the OHV activity in the canyon. We can either sit by and then complain when the area is closed, or we can be proactive on helping with management issues before they result in closures.

Preventing problems before they require closure is the best thing we can do to maintain our access.

What did other 4x4 groups do for NPLD? I'm anxious to hear how other projects went.

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No one else did anything for National Public Lands Day?

This might be why we're fighting so many closures. Not enough preventive work on the ground to prevent closures.
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