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I am posting this here as its not a complete truck. Moderator--If I need to separate everything out to each section I will gladly do it...just thought maybe someone might want to see it as it is before I did a complete part out.

This truck was purchased for some parts for dads Toy. Now its time to let it go either as complete as it is or parting out.
This truck DOES NOT HAVE the following:
--Front axle or springs
--front driveshaft
--the wheels shown in this photo
--the topper
********Parts avail./sold list updated 4/26/17************

I'm sorry I have to use the photo from the day we got it...but the door to the shop is froze shut and I didn't feel like busting it open when its so cold out. (-1* as I type now) Give me a few days as its supposed to warm up and I can get any picture in detail that you want. EDIT-got the door open now!

Rear axle​---$125​gone

rear driveshaft​--$25

rear springs​--$25​gone

transfer case​--$100​

transmission 4 speed​--$100​

engine, without carb. and distrib. Might be stuck​--$200​ I will take a ratchet and try to rotate it when I go out there next.

frame​--$offer---this won't be available until many other parts are removed​gone

cab--prefer to sell with doors and good glass. Don't want to sell doors by themselves​--$225​ with doors and $150 w/o doors---doors only if the cab is gone--$50 each Cab is nice.
(clear title to go with the cab)COMPLETE CAB IS SOLD

bench seat pretty good condition​---$25​SOLD

misc body parts---tail gate-- I will sell it separate from bed. Bed has rust at seams as seen. Rest is pretty good. ​gone no body left

Short box inside double wall bed panels--look to be in nice shape not bashed up or rusted out. offer?​gone

tail lights​--$20 each​​gone


pass ft fender $50SOLD

driver ft fender--$20SOLD

grill is good as are headlight surrounds --make an offerSOLD

"complete" incomplete truck can be had for $500
Or adjusted depending on how its "completeness" changes as stuff sells.

Yes still have visor(removed from cab) and the running boards. All rock rigs need those right?
Steering is manual.

This truck is located in Ellendale, ND 58436--very southern ND about central state.. Small stuff I think we can ship. Big stuff best just bring some cash when you pick it up.
I have a skid steer loader to get it on a trailer for ya.

I'm sure the prices are all OBO. So don't be afraid to make an offer. Might say "Yes".

You can post, PM, email me at [email protected]


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Wanted to mention to not be afraid to make an offer. Might say "yes".
We are not interested in building another Toy at this point. Just putting the one we got back into daily driver and weekend warrior ready.

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updated stuff gone.

not really that much left...but still dealing on stuff if interested. clearing out shop for winter projects. Prices are quite negotiable. More to comply with rules than anything.

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