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I'm a programmer, that should tell you what I knew about wrenching when I started. I was intimidated by fawkin disc brakes when I started learning. Now I'm in the middle of a buildup that includes a custom EFI motor/drivetrain swap and an SAS. It's all about what you're willing to learn. I started learning because I got tired of paying a mechanic a bloody fortune and having them screw up my car. Once I had someone put the damn brake pads on backwards (metal to metal) I decided that if those trained monkeys can do it, I can do it better. Bought a Haynes manual for my car, searched on the internet, and now I can do most anything on a vehicle. I even rebuilt my first engine last year. Yes, it runs. :flipoff2:

You don't NEED to know how to do all this to enjoy wheeling. More so if you're not "hardcore". But make sure you wheel with people who at least have some idea how to wrench. Chances are, you'll get more and more into it and will end up breaking at some point. Knowing how to fix things comes in real handy when you're in the middle of nowhere. It also saves you a TON of money durring your buildup and maintence. It's worth learning. Hook up with a local club or something, I bet you can find people willing to help you learn if you want to.
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