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Once I was a learner....

....and well, I'm still a learner. :flipoff2:

BUT, I just got into this about 9 months ago. I'm about as green as they come. I never cared about cars/trucks or anything else mechanical. I truly lived by the adage "drive it like you stole it".

Then I got stuck one day and something happend...

Anyway, I'm learning the mechanical side as i go. Basically, if it's an easy job (dif breathers or something) try it on your own. If it's something a little more daunting like rebuilding a transfer case (you old farts shaddap!) then get a buddy to give you a hand.

Also, this board has TONS of tech on it. You just got to be willing to search and then read the results. If you still don't understand, at least when you ask a question you'll have a better idea of how to phrase it and hopefully not get flamed. Believe it or not, I think I've impressed some of my more experienced mechanic friends with the little knowledge I've gleaned in the past few months. Thanks Pirate! :D
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