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need a source for 4.5 ft. flexable brake lines

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I am real busy right now and hardley have time to get on here anymore. Hence I don't have time to do a thoughrough search.

I need 2 4.5 ft. brake lines each with a female and male fitting for an '85 Toy pickup front end. They have to be flexable. I have gone to my local places and they look at me crosseyed. Someone please hook me up.
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I agree with T1H5_TA3. You really don't want to have to deal with 4.5' of flexing brake line at each wheel end, eventually you'll tear it out. Think about running hardline down your diff tubes with a short flex around your yokes to the brakes. Secure the hardline to the diff tubes with audel clamps so they don't get torn off and your good to go. Once this is done there is no limit to your flex, especially if you have the right length of flex to the center of your diff tube from the frame. Allow enough length to max out your limit strap or suspension from the center. The pic below shows the short flex at the brakes going back to the center section.
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