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i need to find a wrecked, salvaged, whatever, CHEAP tahoe, yukon, blazer, 2 or 4 door, 92-98 body style, drivetrain doesnt matter, 2 or 4wd, just if the motor runs good and reliable, dont even need trans. or case, just good motor and decent roof and A and B pillars, CHEAP......

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Define cheap.

I have a 99 2 door that I started a solid frt conversion on.
Frt brackets (ORU kit) installed. Setup for 79 hp 60 or chevy 60.
6in frt springs installed
4 in shackle flip (ORD kit) in rear installed
8 lug ff 14 bolt rear installed

Has 350/4l60/241 in it.
I think about 100k on it might be less (cant remember off hand).

Body is real straight. Has clear title NOT wrecked.
Int is gutted but I have it all.

Im on the northeast side of Dallas Tx

Shoot me a pm with an offer
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