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What altitude will you require the AC at? A 3000w generaor doesn't cut it at 6000 feet. Even with re-jetting they lose efficency with altitude. We looked at the specs for an Onan Microquiet 4000 watt generator (pretty common, specs were printed on a sticker on the gen), at 6000 feet it puts out about 22-2300 watts, barely enough to run a 13.5k A/C unit. I have one of the Yahmaha 3000eisb's it'll boost to 3500 watts to help devices start up, it's advertised as 3000 watts, fine print in the manual says 2800 watts continuous. That is the bare minimum I would buy and it didn't like running our A/C in Colorado last year. It does fine at lower elevations and is super quiet. While it is considered "portable" the unit really requires two people to lift it. I am looking at how to permanent mount it to our trailer tongue.

Edit - a general rule of thumb is -5% for every 1000 feet.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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