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Need help making a good 4x4

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I have a 1987 Mazda B2000 (which is same as a Ranger) and a 1989 Nissan pickup.
Mazda is 5speed 4cyl 4x2 ext cab
Nissan is 5speed 4cyl 4x4 reg cab, trans only works in 4th gear

I want to make my Mazda into a fair offroad vehicle.
The Nissan has bigger tires and a flowmaster muffler and a lift kit. I can handle transferring that much. I am also thinking about buying a v6 or SB v8 on ebay and maybe dropping it in the Mazda although I dont plan on doing heavy offroading so the 4 banger will suffice for a while.

All I really need help with is the whole 4x4 part, I am trying to figure out if it is going to be worth it to make my Mazda a 4x4 w/the Nissan's parts.
1st: I know a little about transfer cases, they connect to the trans right? Well does the trans have to be meant for a t case or what, cause the trans on the Nissan (which is the 4x4) is broke and only 4th gear works but my Mazdas trans and motor work good.
2nd: Will I have to replace both axles and how hard is it to do so?
3rd: What else needs to be done to make my 4x2 Mazda into a 4x4 using parts from my 4x4 Nissan with a broken trans?

Thanks for looking, and/or reading, and/or helping me out.

Also, I am open to suggestions but I do have a small budget.
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if your budget can handle it, sell both of em and get a yota, you'll benefit in the long run. find a solid axle and youre set.
Lol, that stuff isn't going to fit together, its all different. I'd do as nacnac suggested and start with building something that's already 4x4.

Also, a 1987 Mazda is NOT the same as a Ranger, only 1994up Mazdas are.
A 1987 Mazda is more like the Ford Courier that existed until 1983.
well if your dead set on the madzda 4x4 your best bet would be to put toyota straight axle in the front and the rear and since your already thinking about it put a v6 or v8 chevy in it with a chevy trans and transfercase. this whole project will cost you atleast $4000 and will give a huge pain in the ass and your end result will probably be one piece of shit. so what i would do is put a new tranny in the nissan!
I had a 92 Nissan and it did good 33" tires bumpers and winch, but in the end get a toyota 4x4, jeep old ford or chevy theres way more out there that is better and way easier to turn into a great 4wheeler, just look around on pirate and see what they are doin. Goodluck man.
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