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Alrighty: my brother has a "new" 1994 Range Rover County and I am trying my best to learn about the Rover. I drive a Grand Cherokee on 33s so I do have a little knowledge of what I am talking about.

First off, it does have the AIR BAG SUSPENSION, which leads to my first question:
1). Is there any way possible to keep the suspension at the HIGHESLT possible height and NOT let it drop down?--If so, how is that done?

2.) What is the LARGEST sized AT tire that we can run with no trimming?

So far not too many problems have come up. I installed new breaks this weekend, rotors, pads, etc......Drives REALLY good and rides nicely too....

Anything else that I should know about before I get too involved. I do know he does'nt want to lift the Rover yet, so a coil spring conversion is out of the question know..thanks alot, peace
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