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Need info on straight axle conv. w/ chevy axles

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I am getting a 94 Toyota X cab. Motor is gone. I can buy Front and rear axles from a chevy blazer w/ 12" lift springs. I want to fab them on this truck and install a 350 engine with the stock manual 5 speed from the toyota. Does anyone know of any problems I will have or know where I can see pics of already done. Does anyone know where I can get a 350 engine adapter for the toyota 5 speed and 350 GM engine?
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Use all the chevy stuff motor and trans. That way the toyota is nothing more than the body. No adapters to buy. straight forward as it gets. Your going to need bigger springs 12" just aint enough lift for a Toylet :)
don't forget the 6" blocks-those will really get you up there. before you even ask, let me answer your next question-yes, you can run any size thornbird you want with that setup. your biggest immediate problem is that you happened to drop in here.
thx for joining this site and contributing to the hard core-ness.........
davo1977 said:
Does anyone know of any problems I will have ?
Well,:flipoff2: I have a problem with you using up our oxygen and our bandwidth.
davo1977 said:
whats bandwidth?

Usually refers to how wide the stage is that the band is playing on.... Not how wide the band actually is...

Oh yea, if you have a few hours to read, I would read throught the FAQ at the top of this page for info.....

Thats the problem, I dont have but a few hours to spend on the computer. My mom is really sick at the hospital and I just wanted some quick help on my Toyota axle swap before I had to go. I'll read next time before i post any questions. Thanks for everyones help, though.
WTF are you doing here screwing around with your truck when your Mom's Sick???

Get you priorities straight, and when you come back, use the newbie forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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