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I got a SBC/TH350/NP203 today for a good price.

I don't want the NP203 since I have a newly geared D44 from a Waggy and I currently run a NP208 driver drop.

Can the Jeep NP208 adapt to the TH350 4wd version? Will the adapter cost a lot? Should I be shopping for a different case and sell the 203 and the 208? I like my 208.

Been reading web info today, but I'm getting confused on whether an adapter is avail for the 4wd TH350 to the NP208. I think there is a kit for a 2wd to the 208.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I want to get quotes for a trans rebuild, but need to know if the tail shaft will be swapped in the process for the adapter. This info will be needed to see what my cost list will be since I plan to rebuild the SBC also. I have Novak motor mounts on order and will order a new rad soon also, need to know what to plan for.

My Jeep is a 89 YJ. Currently had 4.2L/TF727 auto/NP208 and Waggy axles.
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