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After years of hard coring, (lots of fabbing, 9 roll overs) my Jeep's 4.4L MPI engine needs some help. At the moment I'm using my CJ8 as a tractor on the property, on 5 cylinders.
We moved up to Nevada City CA, last year and I haven't as yet found a Jeep mechanic/technician that has a DRB-2 and knows the 4.0L inside and out.
I need names.....
and phone numbers of the best place to take my Jeep between Sacto and Grass Valley/Nevada City.
I had two great boys down south (I'm an ex-LAlien) that had all the toys and diagnostics to make a wierd bastard like the 4.4L work.
regards, as always, jefe
[JR is my bro, but he's too far away now to help me with this project.]
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