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slabcrawler said:
I know this gets asked all the time and I have read a bunch of posts about clutches but I still can't decide which to get.

I am thinking of going with either an OE toyota or a LUK gold. Does anyone know the pressure plate load rating on OE toyota vs. LUK. Are they 1200 lbs. or 1600? I see Marlin offers both 1200 and 1600 and I am assuming 1200 is like stock? Has anyone noticed that on the Marlin website it says their re-surfaced flywheels have a .026 step for calimed better feel and grab. What's the stock step height. Does the extra step height work better for all clutches or just Marlin's.

Also can you run the larger diameter flywheel and P. Plate off a newer 22RE without any mods? Is it worth doing this?:confused:
I can comment only on the Marlin 1600 lb clutch. Just installed one and machined my flywheel to the .026 step. I don't think it is absolutely necessary to do but if you are tearing into a clutch you might as well do everything while you are in there to keep from having to come back.
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