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Here's what's happening. Drawing up the parts for my build to take to the CNC Plasma to have cut out.

I'm trying to figure out the brackets for the Panhard and Draglink.

Here's a pic....Sorry, I haven't had time to clean it up yet.

See those two big circles?

The smaller one is the arc that the Panhard Bar moves in.

The Larger is the draglink.

Now, when looking at them from straight on at the truck, they are parelell to each other at 10.51 degrees.

When Looking downward, the Panhard is parelell to the axle, but the Draglink, from pitman arm, moves to the front of the truck 1.74 degrees to attach to the high steer.

Now, Will this set-up work? I'd hate to have death wobbles or Bump Steer. I know bump steer cannot be TOTALLY ignored, but the less the better.

Thanks for your input. Been racking my brain for the past few hours trying to figure this out.

Thanks, Jason
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