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Hello I recently fixed up a 1952 IHC l112 that’s on a what I believe to be a 1977-78 3/4 ton Chevy with Dana 60 front. It’s a salad. The serial on frame is covered up by a cab perch. This was a purchase over the Internet and when we received it it was held together by zip ties. I’m more of a body man that’s worked in the collision industry four over a decade so suspension work is replacing oe rather than figuring out lift etc. Long story short I want to lower it a tad as it’s about 7’11.5” tall so it will fit in garage instead of horse barn. Wife said she would drive it if it was lower too. I changed it to hydro boost power brakes and currently building a sbc stroker.
It has a rough country 4” kit, a custom steering shaft, custom drive shaft. What information do I need to provide to figure out how to lower it to keep tire to fender clearances ok and everything else I’m missing? How do I ID chassis? thanks!

here are some pics
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