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Nevada Sovereignty: Dead On Arrival
Sierra Times 05.01.01 Last week, Sierra Times reported that AB 391 passed in
the Nevada statehouse by a 38-3 margin in the Democract led assembly.
The bill challenged the federal government's control of 87 percent of the
land in Nevada. It was praised by the Nevada Committee for Full Statehood as
a victory over "federal bureaucrats." But so much for democracy.

When Assembly Bill 391 was introduced in the Senate on Friday for what would
have normally been a referral to a Senate Committee for a future hearing,
Sen. Randolph Townsend, R-Reno, for some reason asked for no further
consideration of the measure.

This motion by Townsend somehow killed the bill.

The bill would have authorized county commissioners to adopt ordinances
relating to public lands located within the county and authorized a district
attorney to initiate or defend an action relating to public lands. In short,
it would have put the 87% of federally owned land back in the control of the
state of Nevada.
Not any more. Calls place to the Nevada Statehouse by Sierra Times were not
See you in Klamath Falls.
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