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Sup all yall kids,
There is a new moab wheelin video coming out in the beggining of november, it features video of the 2001 easter jeep safari and the up coming 2nd jeep jamboriee of the year in moab on Oct. 26th to the 28th. It is going to have action shots and carnage shots of bump dump, potatoe salad, and other obstacles like golden crack and fun stuff like that, along with lots of trail video. This video is gonna be bad a$$.... There is a demo clip on there web site at www.4x4SlamDown.com I downloaded it a few days ago and it looked awesome, all of the wheeling is set to fast paced hardcore music. If you want to be in this video (wich you easily can be) just look for the camera crews (they will be wearing longsleave black shirts with the 4x4 slamdown logo on them)at bump dump and potatoe salad hill and other obstacles and let em know you will do somethin for the camera, or you might already be in the vid if you were at the last easter jeep safarie....who knows. or if you want to hit a trail with the crew (wich im gonna be doing a few times)let me know and we can set somethin up, more Toys in the video the better eh?. The second video shoot is during the second jeep jamboree on Oct. 26-28 (next week)
Go check out the demo clip: www.4x4slamdown.com
sorry this was so long,
Benny boy

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