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New Atlas 2 3.8:1 tcase

I have a brand new never installed Atlas 2 tcase. The specs are listed below.

Atlas 2 Speed Transfer Case
Gear Ratio: 3.8:1
Input Spline: 23 Spline Input (#A23)
Drop: Left hand Drop (Driver Side)(#ALDC-S, #301510A)
Tail housing: Standard Tail housing (W/ speedo provision) (#ALT32)
Synchronization: Yes (Synchronized) (#301700)
Rear Yoke: 1310 CV (#A1310CV)
Front Yoke: 1310 CV (#A1310CV)
Speedometer: Mechanical Speedometer Module (#301506)
Shifter Kit: XJ Cherokee (#303007L)
Site Tube: (#3301603)
Atal aluminum shift knob set

I bought this awhile back with the intentions of installing it on my 1993 Jeep XJ. I no longer have the Jeep and as a result no longer have a need for the Atlas.

I purchased It from Advanced Adapters for $2,840.00 (includes tax & shipping). I’m looking to get $2,200 for it.

It’s in North San Diego county if you want to take a look at it.

If you send me a PM, please leave a phone number so I can call or txt you back, I don't think I can respond to PM's.
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