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98 TJ redruM
4.0L, Auto (TF999) and NP231 with 241 shaft
i am going to run 39.5" or 42"x15x16.5 SS TSL's

What i already have (in the garage)
98 Dodge Dana 60 front(71")
87 Ford Dana 61 Rear (67")
2" wheel spacers for the rear
Hummer Wheels (90% offset)

The Dana 61 is differant than a regular 60 in that the axle tubes are 3 1/2" not 3"
the spindles are already 1.59

Gears 4.56 if 39.5's
4.88 if 42's (trust me with the auto these ratios are 5% higher than stock

Rear plans are 1.5" Yukon 35 spline shafts (320$) a spool (150$) Gears (160$) and install kit ($100)

Front plans are Keep the 1.31 shafts order a cable loc to engage the axles (no hubs)(160$) All new parts (Bearings, Ball Joints, Misc.) (250$) Gears(160$) Inst Kit(100$)
Locker (????)

other plans include relocating my control arm mounts close to the skid plate (12" longer than stock but shorter and cheaper than Long arm kits.

all axle brackets will be custom made i have seen the RE kit and think i can make just as good if not better.

Brakes are going to be disc front, drum Rear (factory dodge,ford parts)

what else do i need to think about ?

Brian <IMG SRC="smilies/usa.gif" border="0">
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