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NEW Buggy Build

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Epic Polymer's Ultra4 Grand Cherokee WJ Buggy Build

well its time for a new buggy build. I want something thats going to be fast capable and have some real lockers.

LQ9 motor
9” or 14 bolt drop out rear (depending on what I get for my current rear axle) Straight axle.
2.5” triple bypass shocks, 2.5” remote res coilovers, 2” air bumps on all 4 corners
Front and Rear sway bar….YAA! finally
New chassis design
I’m going to start cutting tube tomorrow and pretending everything ASAP.

The way I see it. if I can get the chassis together in a month I’m better off building a new one then trying to get the motor in this current chassis. Let’s see if I’m right.

21” betty height, 74” roof line with a possible 8” of up travel on the shocks
28” belly width, 50” rocker width, 54” arm bar width, 51” roof width
105”-109” Wheel base
Drop our belly for tranny servicing

Bare bones design no fancy work just light and quick to build .
This is the idea:

ok so progress from today...about 50% of the tubes precut

the skid plate's cut and dimpled. remember this will have a drop out belly that will allow you to pull a tranny without undoing the links.

and the lower suspension link mounts

i'm gonna run a batch of random brackets on the plasma table tomorrow.
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Nice...it looks like you are doing some damn good pre planning...

ya i wan this to be a fast build. i plan on plasma cutting most of the sheetmetal/aluminum work too.
shit yah kris...i can only imagine how badass this rig will turn out
spent 2 hours tonight on it and got some progress tonight.

here is the work space...a bit of a down size from what i've built in before.

I scotchbrighted the tubes before bending. got them bent, and notched the ends.

i'm amazed how long shit takes to do when you are trying to be extremly accurate because i'm prebending and notching with no fitting. shit should go faster then i can start to assemble and have something to fit to.
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got a couple of hours on it today...

and where it sits now..

i need to set the frame table up. i think after i eat dinner i'll get the mail frame rails and rockers in place.
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tommy came by and we got some moar shit done.

through some fuck up i cut the rocers to short.....so they didn't get installed....and the tip in the welder fucked up so i gotta get some tomorrow.
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Don't do the laptop on the tire thing. I learned the hard way. :eek:
kool build

What year is the LQ9? Who built it for you and what do you plan on getting out of it?

Keep up the good work. looks kool
Why are you welding the plate in the subframe? If it's to support the skid plate you're adding very little strength. I built one buggy that didn't allow me pull the pan while the trans was in the car. I will never do that again, especially on something that will be used for racing.
That's a clean & simple chassis design. :cool2:

Looks like 1.75" tubing?
The skid is not done yet. The center will be removable for dripping the tranny...without removing the links.

The center strip of the skid is not welded in yet it's just placed there. I'm waitin on some tbe clamps to finish the drop out skid.

And yes 1.75" tube
What year is the LQ9? Who built it for you and what do you plan on getting out of it?

Keep up the good work. looks kool
2005 escalade. Bone stock right now. I will get it built next winter. going from a v6 the stock power should be ok at first. After that I want something around 480 to 500 hp
After that I want something around 480 to 500 hp

sick Kris!
looking like it is gonna be a nice well thought out build!!:D
how deep is the belly ?
looks like there is a bunch of foot room wasted with that tall of a belly .

mine is 7 inches from the bottom of the belly to the bottom of the floor where my feet are(just above the front drive shaft yoke). then the seat is raised up 4 inches for the tcase
The belly is 10”

Its made for a very deep tranny pan. And a flat floor. I also want room under me for battey, muffler, fuel system etc….
Looks good Kris, and you could always add some footwells sunk into the floor if you got any spare room under there.
that is the plan Pook. i dont' think i will need them but its an option for the passenger since they may be larger then me.
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