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New carb-accel cable and choke linkage help

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(No, I did not get my carb back from Kruzrtek; my family dug into savings and purchased an almost new carb off Ebay-it arrived a day ago or so despite my thinking it may not as the seller wasnt reposnding to any emails-whew! Thanks to whomever pointed me in to that auction; probably paid too much for it, but I needed my cruiser up and couldnt wait any longer, and besides, how often can you get an almost new shiny carb for relatively cheap? If I ever see my carb back from Rich, I'll sell it I reckon.)

I've been installing it today, and am now stuck though-I can't figure out how to hook up the linkage for both the accell cable and choke cable.

The part number is 21100-61142, and is the same (new) carb listing at both MAF and CCOT:


The carb is like it just came out of the box new, but it is slightly different than my old: there's another diaphram on the (vehicle)front side linked to connection near the front/bottom (that I'm not sure what it's for) with a vac connection that I'm not sure where to hook up at either (on the CCOT pic, the diaphram is on the left above the red part number stiker and to the left of the green electrical connection). My old carb didn't have either but I'm sure it was the original one it came with. Any explanation appreciated here.

I've gotton the linkage hooked up to the firewall, and then to short metal link at the end hooked up to the ball visible on the lower right of the CCOT picture which seems like it's supposed to be there. However, that leaves what seems to be the fulcrum of that same piece with nowhere to hook up to (is closer to the driver's side firewall....closer to you in the CCOT pic). I cannot remember whether my carb had different linkage-it's been too long since I've seen it.

I've looked at Sor's diagrams and it's not enough, my Haynes isn't helpful at all and my Emissions repro manual is not much help either.

What am I missing here? I may just be having a brainfart, but any help this close to me driving my cruiser after so long of being down would be *greatly* appreciated-thanks in advance folks.

Cruc, 83 FJ60 with emissions
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Texican, an 83 Fj60 with emissions. Both MAF and CCOT shows this model number to be the replacement (new) carb for my model year......go figure.

Thanks folks.

Landpimp-that makes sense for the a/c. I have it on my 60 (won't drive a vehicle here in the summer without a/c) and since I;ve owned it this past summer, I've always wondered why the idle never did kick up a bit when the compressor cycled (and even more so why I couldnt find the kick up circut mentioned anywhere etc.) Where would the vacuum connection go to from the diaphram then for it to be operable however-just pull vac from anywhere using a "t" or something?

(And yes that was me on the auction, though I really didn't snipe per se <grin>....I did however had to keep my max bid going higher and higher and higher for that last min frantically because of you and the rest...damn thing went up more than $145 in the last 60 secs alone! Damn you all:) Thank you for the good wishes despite it.) A pic would be wonderful-thanks.

Texican-thanks. A picture would be wonderful-I'll owe you (or anyone else for that matter) big time. You can send it to me at:

[email protected]
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Thank you Landpimp-it definitely clarified the a/c vac hookup-my 83 doesn't have headlight washers, so no vac hookup at the pump nor a is there seperate "t" on the manifold vacuum connection-will get started with finding the parts later on that, though will try splitting a smaller vac line to see first.

For the accell linkage hook up, your pics helped some, but not totally. My prob is the long rod with the ball end that comes form the top firewall end (with the cotter pin to keep that side in) that goes about 7 inches or so to get near the carb. (Your third pic down is closest....right side being the firewall side, the rod goes to the left to connect with the carb with the ball that's inline with the rod...my problem is that I can't find anything to connect that ball to.)

From there, it has a metal ball (inline with the rod) and a small end, which connects up to a smaller rod with a female ball end (connects up to the male ball on the carb.) I have that hooked up, and it looks something like yours, but what I can't figure out is the large metal ball online on the long rod that comes from the firewall-there seems to be nothing to hook that metal ball to to hold everything. (Your third pic down is closest....right side being the firewall side, the rod goes to the left to connect with the carb with the ball that's inline with the rod...my problem is that I can't find anything to connect that ball to.)

Maybe I'm missing a bracket or something?

I've taken a couple of pics but can't post them anywhere, but can email them (172k and 216k...can make them smaller if necessary) to help id'ing this sucker.

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Sigh, definite brain fart coupled with memory loss.

After seeing your pics and post, I went out to look again and you are absolutely right, I am missing the bracket and spring. I looked and looked and finally found it in a baggy along with my air cleaner assembly-which I haven't touched since my carb had been out and totally forgot it was there at all. Doggone it.

You guys rock-thanks very much.

Cruc, riding in his cruiser tomorrow again woohoo, Cruc
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