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I just got home from driving our newest Cruiser home from San Diego. Its a tan '83 BJ42 (with 70,000 original miles). KC and I flew to SD on Friday night. Gathered the truck up on Sat. morning then drove the 820 miles back to Albuquerque.

There was only a few snafu's:

-Hardly any stations in San Diego have diesel.

-There was a small fuel leak from the filler neck when the tank is overfilled.

-There is a bit more frame rot than I had hoped on the rear of the chassis.

-Whilst poking around under the hood, I managed to dislodge some wiring and it wouldn't start. Panic set in quickly as we were out in the desert at a lonely gas station, but KC was quick to discover the problem.

All in all it was a good trip home. We averaged around 70-80 mph (depending on grades - as this is a normally aspirated diesel anyway). And got about mid 20ish mpg with the thing floored most of the trip (and leaking out of the fill neck). The hand throttle works pretty well as a cruise control.

We also managed to fix various things on the trip home like the heater, windshield wiper washer, and glove box latch. With many more little things left to do.


ps. You can bet this thing will be getting some suspension mods and bigger tires in the very near future.

here is a pict


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