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As some of you may know we started discussing a new forged crank (stroker and stock replacement) over 10 years ago. At the time we had alot of interest and folks ready to buck down some coin for a stroker forged crank. The idea was to make strokes and rod pin sizes in various sizes. Enough to satisfy the 95% of all AMC/Jeep folks out there. The investment was heavy and the markets were shaky. We invested in capital equipment we got a pair of vertical machining centers with 60"s of travel to add to our equipment to cover all the new ideas that would come and in our own brand of oil AMC-HD (5 years ahead of the ZDDP scare). This put the crankshaft forging out for at least 5 years. Time went on and business kept creeping up every month, every year...new equipment, new ideas, selling and trading equipment to get what we needed put the idea out even further. We built a new building and added a 10 foot bed CNC machining center and are about to add a bridge mill for new ideas. Now we are in a great position, stronger than ever we are ready to make the transition to being the first in the world to offer a forged replacment crankshaft for the AMC V8. We are looking at the forged crankshaft idea once again.

I/we would absolutely LOVE your input. Please get into our forum and tell us what you want to see, if your ready for a new forged crank or any other opinion. We have a new server and emails are working 100% so please come here and speak up.
Come here

FORGED CRANKS FOR AMC V8 (info, specs, ideas, feedback here)

Thank you so much!

-Matt, Pete, Joe...and crew

For those that didnt get the formal email
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