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new leafs on a SOA'd YJ.. got some weirdness going on.. your thoughts?

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I stayed up Way to late on day last week and put my new springs , shackles, and bushings on. Post new spring I had bump steer and nothing else going on that was weird. After the list (SOA on RE packs) I get a odd wobble (visible at the wheel/tire) when the driver side tire hits a abrupt bump.. I have to slow down in order for it to recover. It will only do this when you lead with the driver side tire, so it hits the bump 1st.

New parts:

Bushings? everywhere except the upper frame mounts.. I inspected the rubber ones and they were in great shape.
Everything connected with Grade 8?s and stovers

I did do this after I took a hard look at the install?.. I mismatched a bushing ?. PM me for a photo

And I think it's on the lower frame / drivers side? Could this be the culprit?
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Are the shackles still in the front? Are they longer than stock? If so you prolly messed the caster up creating the death wobble...
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