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I started with a 92 yj, 4.0L, that I changed to a 4.7 stroker with a NP 231 and ax 15. I put a tera low kit in the 231 and it working great.

If you want power later, stay with the 6cyl to start with, or you'll wish you had later. You can also swap the "skin" off a wrecked TJ grill onto your YJ grill, without swapping the entire front end and everything still lines up perfectly, if you are interested PM me & I'll send pics...

The only connection to the transfer case is the speedo hookup, its a gear driven assembly off the x-fer tail shaft to a pulse connection output.

The manual transmission does not have any electrical in-out, except for the backup lights.

If you are switching a manual to an auto trans, someone on PBB sells a "box" that will run the transmission without changing the ECM & all the hassle that comes along with it...

Have fun & let me know if you have questions :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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