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Like everyone new to this, I have lingered here and several other sites trying to learn more and do my research. Lots of google searches always bring me back here (and a couple other sites), and I have ultimately come to a few questions I just can't find definitive answers to.

Basically, I decided several months ago that I wanted my first 4x4 and Jeep, and have had plenty of time on a recent overseas deployment on a Navy carrier to think about it. Soon I'll be getting a big tax return and buying that first Jeep and want to do it right the first time. First, I have been torn between the cargo space and comforts of a XJ and the open air feel of a Wrangler. Assuming I go with the Wrangler, I have my ideal Jeep in mind, and need some tech info on how to get there. This is where I have to ask more questions.

Ideally, I'd want CJ styling with the and dependability of a 4.0 HO and the power of a V8, as well as a full/part-time T-Case, so have decided that my best build would be a late YJ with a CJ grille/hood (tube fenders) and dash, and a 4.0 (stroked) with AW4/NP242, SOA D30,8.8 axles, 35 tires and at least 4.10 gears. The springs would eventually be traded for XJ Bastard packs relocated for slightly lengthened WB but tons of flex.

Here are my questions;

If 4.0L, I'd assume late YJ for better tub and frame. If I swap to AW4 and NP242, will I need XJ harness? Does every XJ harness/comp work for NP231 AND NP242, or will I need comp, etc from NP242 equipped XJ? Will changing JUST the VSS to a 91 VSS take care of connecting computer and the CJ speedo?

I know that the harnesses may need to be spliced but I don't mind weeding it out and changing out connectors as needed, and am good with soldering iron and heatshrink. Also, I expect to need to mod/build a crossmember for the Trans/T-Case, probably. Will I need to clock the T-case any? Is it possible to reuse the SelectTrac shifter?

If I could swap in the whole XJ/ZJ 4.0L/NP242 would the best route maybe be a 2.5L YJ start and just change the mounts, gaining 4.10 axles (swap rear to 8.8 anyway) and smaller price to purchase? Even a 4.0L with a NP231 would require a AW4 for OD, and then maybe need different T-Case to mate to AW4, so maybe just easier to swap the whole driveline in?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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