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Live in New Orleans? MY daughter received a parking ticket from a stolen car in New Orleans. I talked to parking inforcement, and they told me I had to appear at a hearing to contest the ticket. When I explained I live in California, they told me to write a contest letter and were no help in trying to retrieve the car. It has a xxx and yyy ownership on the title and yyyy disappeared along with the vehicle two years ago. So techniquely the police tell me it is not stolen, if yyy has the car. My daughter wants the car back to sell, to stop the finance company from garnishing here wages. 'Any help, such as, the area the car was ticketed in, would be appreaciated. Contact me at the email above if you think you might help. Hate to say this, but it was a fwd station wagon manufactured by chrysler.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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