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New Pictures!

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You Have To Have And Account With Image Station To See Them... Its Free Go Get One!

Anyways this was over thanksgiving weekend, the first weekend since i hade it back form the shop *engine rebuild* and i slapped the new windshield seats and cj dash on, more pics will come as soon as my sister sends them.

Just The Good Ole Jeep

Did you notice the shinyness coming out both rear corners :flipoff2:

The Dash

More Will Come ASAP Including Engine & Exhaust & Dash :flipoff2:
oh and the top is only on because we were in for some showers which came within 15 mins after these pics, made for some decent dirt road driving the next day *4wd isnt connected yet, didnt try anything too deep* :flipoff2:
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yeah.. maby not yet.. but when i get the open hood pics of the 4.0 head convershion, no more vac hoses and not that thier chrom but true duals... stuff that makes it worthy.. no i dont crawl rocks but i do get it muddy..

i know theres better people that will say oh ok not bad.. tommorrow will be engine and all.. :rolleyes:

wow.. thanks for the :rainbow: gangbang of a welcome..

yeah i know the forum is rocks.. but all i got is mudd around me, these are the first few things ive done to the jeep, except the bumper.. that came with it.. more than likely it will be taken off soon.

why does everyone here get all pissy when a "newb" posts what hes got?:mad:

guys calm down.
alright guys, i understand what your saying.. i posted in the wrong forum but ok, yeah ill post some tech whenever, as for red x's imagestation is down.

header is ceramic coated.. *less heat* and it was true duals, so why not?

yeah didnt go the way i wanted.. thanks everyone for your comments though.
well heres the engine pics i promised:rolleyes:

The Ceramic Header

The Holley 600;)

And A Straight On View

and clearance over the d35

ok thanks for looking :)
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wow you guys guessed it.. its mostly STOCK

but these are my first mods.. i cant belive you people at like little 6 year olds, get a brain of your own and THINK ON YOUR OWN not this same ole little *eww its stock, we dont like stock* Your Jeep was stock at one point too.. stfu:flipoff2: /rant
BMRisko said:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but those aren't true duals. True duals requires a motor that is not inline (2 headers, 2 pipes running out to the back...). Last time I checked, a single inlet, dual outlet muffler is not true duals and is just pointless.
true duals are out of the header..

the first 3 cylinders go to the first pipe, and the last three to the second pipe:rolleyes:
BMRisko said:

Oh, guess I should look at ALL the pics. Then why only 1 muffler? Its still a :rainbow: Jeep, BTW. :flipoff2:

have you heard of back pressure? :rolleyes:
bwallass said:

Everyone's was stock but not everyone came on here posting :rainbow: pics linked off of Imagestation.

My jeep is still mostly stock thats why you won't find any pics of it here. Come here to learn. Go to JU to display the stockness.

From a fellow newb :flipoff2:
whats wrong with image station? its free why not use it?

whats with this JU crap? everyone do it? theres that 6 year old thing again, its the Cool thing lets do it..

I posted for the criticism just didnt expect as much, Lets see yours i bet its a jeep.. thats all that really matters in the JEEP forum..
BMRisko said:
ok well im not gonna be an ass and flame you if you really dont know, but here

Residual pressure opposing the free flow of a gas or liquid, as in a pipe or an exhaust system.

basically you have to have it for when both the intake and exhaust valves are open to keep the flow to continueing

and this explains it alot betterhere
bwallass said:

It flaky, pop the 20 bones to support this board

You don't shit in your bedroom, you dont park in your kitchen.
Know where things go. Appropriate forums. This thread goes in Newbie, Chit-Chat or JU. :D :eek:
oh i thought i posted in Jeep Talk not flamefest because my jeep is stock :rolleyes:
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