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New Pictures!

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You Have To Have And Account With Image Station To See Them... Its Free Go Get One!

Anyways this was over thanksgiving weekend, the first weekend since i hade it back form the shop *engine rebuild* and i slapped the new windshield seats and cj dash on, more pics will come as soon as my sister sends them.

Just The Good Ole Jeep

Did you notice the shinyness coming out both rear corners :flipoff2:

The Dash

More Will Come ASAP Including Engine & Exhaust & Dash :flipoff2:
oh and the top is only on because we were in for some showers which came within 15 mins after these pics, made for some decent dirt road driving the next day *4wd isnt connected yet, didnt try anything too deep* :flipoff2:
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Limpin said:
wow.. thanks for the :rainbow: gangbang of a welcome..

yeah i know the forum is rocks.. but all i got is mudd around me, these are the first few things ive done to the jeep, except the bumper.. that came with it.. more than likely it will be taken off soon.

why does everyone here get all pissy when a "newb" posts what hes got?:mad:

guys calm down.
1. You're right, this forum is rocks. You're mud. Fawkin leave if you are going to post this kind of shiznit.

2. We like gangbanging newbies, it makes them cry and that helps us determine how good the tech you are going to continue to contribute is. Right now, I don't think you'll ever contribute any worthwhile tech.

3. We get pissy for two reasons.
a. IF we allowed every stupid fawkin newbie on the planet to post up a picture of their fawking Jeep as a 'first' post, we'd have nothing but pictures of :rainbow: Jeeps on the front page.
b. We don't like Newbies :flipoff2:

Now either STFU and learn what this forum is about, or leave.

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