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Welcom ! :flipoff2:

First I'd go down to the parts store and grab a haynes manual, IMHO they have better info on the samurai, over the chiltons which seems to focus alot on the sidekicks to....

With the manual it will show the wireing layout.... (and be able to help with most other repair issues)

Your tag/marker/etc. lights all come off the main light switch, so if youve shorted somthing up there chances are you poped a fuse and/or other stuff is buggered up. Or worse someone has already tried to repair it all...

Unhook the switch and knob and pull that stuff down. (or stick your head up there) You should be able to just have it wired direct with no dim'ness control. From my zuke experience if its black its mostl likely a ground, and they run em everywhere which is good but bad at the same time... Buy a cheep-o $10 digital meter you will wonder how you ever got by with out it but if you dont have a meter, id start touching the non-blacks to a hot and see what lights up.... (key on, not running..) With a meter you can probe the ground leads (and hots) and see whats not/working etc....

good luck, buy a manual....

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