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Scott, I've always been a GM guy, but it sounds like you just described a 3-6 year old Dodge truck. That is, assuming that you can make the lift thing work for you. Those Cummins motors are stupid reliable, last forever, and give us Chevy and Ford guys "MPG envy" every time. If you don't mind going down a little bit on MPG in favor of better reliability then you can't go wrong with anything that includes the words "Duramax" and "Allison". Of course, that's just my heavily biased opinion! :flipoff2:

The dually rigs from any of the Big 3 are rock solid towing 2 or even 3 rigs on big GN trailers.

If you do go the Dodge route, watch out for the new ones. They are having significant reliability problems with all the new emission control crap.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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