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New to the forum and want to start out right by giving all members 10% off.

I provide full water jet cutting services for any industry, not just automotive.

- Full service, this means:
-Will provide material that customer specs.
-Will draft from any sketch, any part.
-Will Provide the same service to large productions or one-offs.
-Will palletize and ship to any location, even worldwide.
-Will Quote and answer any questions I possibly can, as fast as I can.

- Water Jets Can:
-Cut most Steel alloys with no issues.
-Cut Stainless Steel beautifully.
-Cut many non-ferrous materials with ease.
-Cut Plastics, UHMW, Delron, Carbon Fiber, Rem Board, etc...

I can produce a quality product from almost any file, picture, drawing...even a napkin drawing.

I also can provide you with CAD draftings of your parts at little cost. Also, for your more intricate projects I can provide 2D and full Modeled 3D renderings.

PM or Email me any questions, If you would like a quote provide me with at least a brief description, please include:

-Material to be used; i.e. steel, aluminum, stainless, plastics...etc
-Dimensions; Material thickness and L x W ..please state imperial or metric.
-Any special instructions; relief holes, knockouts, notches etc...

Thanks for your patronage!

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So, let's say for example that this piece is 6" dia. x 0.25 thick steel.
How much would it be to cut?


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How about a 3/4" thick piece of aluminum or steel (whichever would be cheaper) water jetted out to an OD the same as a D300 mounting surface and an ID that will allow it to bolt up to a TH350 4wd tranny. I can provide dimension's, but I don't have them handy right now. Just trying to get a ball park figure. It would also have 10 holes in it (6 to bolt up to the d300 and 4 for the th350).
Something like this, only 3/4" thick.

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