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so my girlfriends dad has a sweet little 86 nissan pickup we just swapped a new z24 into.

Actually i took the old one out that had a hole in the block. A couple of my friends put the engine back in while i was in gillette.

We also have a 86 king cab se v6 parts truck (now where going to fix it) has alot of rust so trail abuse doesnt scare me.

The king cab has a few ECM in the cab, just sitting on the floor. all with different numbers on them etc.

His z24 we will call the red truck (its red) and hte king cab we will call the blue truck (its blue)

The blue im not really messing with until we get it to my property.

The red truck has a a engine with 2000 miles on it maybe. But now its spit and popping and sputtering. Her dad says not all the vacumm lines are hooked up, looked at his haynes manual but its no help, maybe someone here has a nissan diagram of the sorts. but personally i think it needs a tune up and has bad fuel in the tank.

Ok moving on.

While crawling around in the interior of the blue truck i noticed that on the dash there was a switch for Interlock. the red truck has the same thing except the letters are worn off.

Now heres my question (yes i searched, but found a somewhat of a answer)
What does the interlock switch do?

I saw something about starting it up on a hill with no clutch...doesnt make since to me...but ok...maybe im overthinking it.

But ill get some pics today, about to head to town.


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That's a clutch interlock switch so you can start the truck without pressing down the clutch.
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