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Ok so I own a 93 yota pickup 3vz-e Friday night I was out playin in the mountains and exploded my radiator fan and punched a hole in my radiator was able to limp it off the mountain and I threw a new radiator in it and went to an electric fan and threw a new thermostat in it well I ain't getting any heat in the cab and it is over flowing into the overflow box... My temp is normal dead center in the gauge and still no heat I've left the system burp by running the motor with the cap off the radiator still nothing I even unhooked the heater core tubes off the fire wall and made sure the heater core was full with water thinking it could be an air pocket and still no heat!.!.!.! Idk what else to do any one got any suggestion??? Also the original radiator the was in it when it exploded was a copper aftermarket one not a stock one but I installed a stock one
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