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For those of you that recreate in the High Lakes OHV area, we need active involvement now, to avoid Trail closures. If you haven't already found us on Facebook, please "Like" our page Friends of the High Lakes, to stay current with the status of what's going on up there. You can also join our E-mail list if you would like by signing up at Friends of The High Lakes - Portal.

***FOTHL General and Board Meeting Scheduled 9/3***

Friends of the High Lakes,
The next general meeting and board meeting is set for:
Wednesday, September 3rd @ 6:30-8:30pm
Located at the Sierra-Hall
6165 Center Street
Paradise, CA 95969

As many of you know, the Forest Service is developing a plan which will directly affect your access to our High Lakes OHV area. The input, labor, and presence of active FOTHL members is critical in avoiding campsite and trail closures and significant reroutes. Please attend this meeting to hear more about the current state of the High lakes, what we need to do, and how you can help. The general and board meetings will cover topics including:

· Adopt-a-Trail Coverage Needed & New Adopt-a-Trail Participants
· Documenting Volunteer Hours: Making Our Presence Known
· New Board member (One seat are available at this time)
· Treasurer Report & Proposed Spending
· Report on FOTHL Events of Past Year
· Fall Clean Up

The time to be involved is now,

Torey Feldhaus
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