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Norinco SKS w/folding stock

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it is pretty, but I want another pistola...

Synthetic folding stock & synthetic 30 rd. magazine, bayonet, etc.

$250 + shippin to your FFL...transfer not required in my great Commonwealth of VA:grinpimp:

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ass :flipoff2:
where did he get such wonderful toys?!?!?
Too bad about the FFL....
neh, they charge about $20 to receive a transfer, not too terribly bad...cheaper than moving to VA just to buy a nice gun though:laughing:
trade for a ruger mark II 22 pistol? I'm in VA...

I was thinking of getting an XD-45:laughing:

And you busted MY chops for keeping that other rifle for a few months and then selling it. At least I shot the thing!
pfft, fine, I will shoot the thing...I will prolly end up falling in luv with it after I shoot it though...that fucks up the rotation:laughing:
F*** the state I live in, wanna ship it to cali in minuture pieces

ttt for a good lucking gun
good luck with that:laughing: they have gun sniffing dogs (Fienstien):flipoff2:
Where are you in VA?
King George county
how far are you from gloucester.......what rounds does this shoot......don't know much about it......good deal?
I am about 1.5 hrs from you, north on 17, north on 301. I was just down in Yorktown on Sunday. As for a good deal..I think so, they run anywhere from $150 beat to shit, to $375 and higher. This one at least already has the folding stock, high cap. magazine, and is beautiful to behold:D
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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