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1985 Toyota Pickup - Long Island, NY


Truck was bought from California in 2011 and shipped over - clean title on hand. There is no rust. Just some minor surface rust that will sand away. Its currently not running but shouldn't require too much. Transfer case is out of the truck and needs to be installed, clutch line needs to be replaced and bled. Needs a new battery. Rear leaf springs are new and not fully installed. Need to put a new shackle bolt in. Truck should get a once over for bolts and fluid change as its been sitting for a while. The rear tailgate is gone, so some work will need to be done to the bed. My plan was to tube-out the back (tying into the exocage) and install the rear lights in diamond-plate (have the light kit for this brand new). Some of the pics are old, but not much has changed other than the tailgate being gone.


Parts list
Exo Cage over the cab and engine bay also ties into the rock sliders
Interior harness bar
Mastercraft seats with 5 point harnesses
Trail Gear Hydro-assist steering
Front axle has Longfield shafts
Both axles are locked with lockrites and 4:10 gears
Front axle has been trussed and both have some plating around the oil drain bolt
Rear leaves are used up front
new trail gear 4" rear leafs
trail gear creeper joint shackle hanger in the back w/ 6" shackles
dual-transfer case with double-low, 4.7 gears and twin stick kit (for independent control of hi/lo and 2wd/4wd)
37x12.50x15 Goodyear MTRs (old style) - plenty of tread but sidewalls are starting to show signs of their age. spare is also a 37" but has a bubble. good for getting off the trail in a pinch but that's about it
Trail-gear reinforced crossmember skidplate
Radiator was replaced with an aluminum one
Kenwood radio w/ BT
Custom front tube bumper w/ winch
CB radio
extra set of full doors (was planning on making half-doors)
full set of tube doors w/ latches - doors have been modded for easy removal already using clevis pins
wiring harness (i believe its for a 4runner but should work)
extra lights
I can throw in a bunch of recovery gear as well - tree straps, snatch blocks, etc.

I also have a PowerTank PT15 that I was planning to sell separately but will work on a better price if you buy the truck.

I havent been into wheeling in a quite a few years so if there is any info I am forgetting, just ask. Also, I can grab more pictures upon request.

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