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Used, attached, installed, but with no actual on-road miles. Was in a project vehicle that is no more. This is for the large bore Dana18 or any (NON-EB) Dana 20 xfer cases. I'd prefer not to ship, but if you are willing to pay for USPS, that's up to you.

Novak Kit# 422-4

This is located in Sacramento, Ca. It cost me $475.00 plus shipping when it was new in the box, I'd like to get 2/3's of of my money back out of it. $300.00, to someone local. Shipping is 12 lbs, via USPS, which you can figure out from ZIPcode 95662.


Offers are welcome, as all it's doing for me is oxidizing in the garage. I could use some camping gear in trade if you've got some stuff you don't use anymore.
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