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I rebuilding a 93 s15 jimmy and have been fixing several problems. I was having issues with my transfer case not shifting. I isolated all the wiring for the tccm, encoder and shift motor and verified all the connections. I manually shifted the t-case and manually applied voltage to the shift motor making it shift into 4-high and 4-low. Once connected to the TCCM I ran a diagnostic where it returned an encoder fault. I verified that the encoder was OK by testing the readouts from the encoder positions.

I opened the TCCM and found a burned/broken connection from the servo motor control relays on the circuit board and repaired it.

Now the T-case will shift into 4-low and back into 2-hi but won't shift into 4-high. Also both 4-hi and 4-low light light up when its in 4-low (boggles mind).

Any suggestions? (I am thinking about a 231 swap but not yet)

Also my gas is dissappearing! I put 6 gallons in the tank last week and only ran the jimmy for a total of 20 min. The tank is empty! I can't find any leaks, but the jimmy is running very rich.

Thanks in advance
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