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Guns & Gold
NRA's Newest Hit TV show
Series begins Monday, December 26th on Sportsman channel

Being billed as "Antiques Roadshow" meets "Pawn Stars," the new NRA Guns & Gold tv show will bring to life both the iconic and obscure brands in firearms history through the fascinating stories told about each antique gun. Filmed at the NRA annual meetings and at the famous Tulsa Gun show, NRA's own staff experts evaluate the guns brought to them from local NRA members and explain what makes each one so unique.

NRA's Guns & Gold is an exciting and informative new series featuring everyday people who discover their old firearm is worth much more than they imagined - and where others will learn it has only sentimental value. Each episode will send viewers scrambling to their safes, closets and basements to find their own hidden treasures.

A special gold segment will feature an expert from Universal Coin & Bullion who will examine the special features of those old coins you may have laying around and what contributes to their worth beyond their mere melt value.

NRA's Guns & Gold premieres December 26 and will air every Monday night at 9pm EST and again at 12:00am EST on Sportsman Channel. Get addition information and check for additional airtimes in your area at www.nragunsandgold.com.
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