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Sorry For the Needy Nubie Question but help is needed...
My 1990 Wrangler is in the frame state and i have removed all the spring and shackle hangers leaving me the option to do what ever being a complete built. Problem is that I'm now on a short time line before having to move back to AZ from NC per the Military. Leaving November 15th and I have to have a rolling chassis by Oct 31st so I can tow the damn thing. I have purchased Dana 44 axles from a 1990 Waggy (Thanx to 1BIGAZZBURBN) and now I need help figuring out what I need to do to make it all work ASAP. Pictures will be greatly appreciated
The Idea is
37'', Street and Trail Drivability, Stock tranny and Xfer case on a YJ.
My problems are
1) Shackle Reverse, I have read that for street drivability it might not be the way to go.. What mods will I need to do to incorporate this with SOA and DANA 44's from the Waggy? And should I even bother?
2) Dana 44 front and rear SOA. The front is my main concern and the back is a NON issue. I have measured the springs and perches off both OLD and NEW axles, measuring 31” from center spring to center spring. Maybe I'm slow but they are looking to be exact. The driver spring lands on the outer tube of the Diff. I have read people welding perches on to that and or grinding a pad into it. I could use some best practices please..
I have been advised that I should outboard my springs for either or combined SOA/ SRS applications. I have researched looking at pitcures and reading articiles finding nothing of that nature....

All Help is GREATLY appreciated! And if I have overlooked anything please Please Please let me Know!

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1. don't bother with the shackle reversal, save it for later if you want to experiment with it.

2. don't think you will have to outboard the springs for the front as long as the 31" center-center lands on the drivers tube then just weld on a perch.

3. build it:flipoff2:
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