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About the 4500 swap

I am not really a Jeep guy but I do own a 92 XJ and I do work on them Nearly everyday. I just completed a swap on a 95 yj that had the 2.5. We swapped that out for a 92 4.0HO. He had the 4500 behind the 2.5 and I had to remove the existing bellhousing kit and he had purchased the AA kit (complete w/ slave, clutch lines, clutch fork, it was very thorough and user friendly) I was very impressed with the completeness of the instructions and detail. You do have to have some mechanical background to make it go a little smoother, but its not unbearable.
I have also peiced together a novak system that was similar but no comparison!!! I would definitely go with the AA and all they recommend!! Any questions I can help with just PM me or email me!

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