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Neo said:
I am interested in replacing my 92 YJ AX15 with an NV4500, but am uncertain which years and models of the GMC and Dodge vehicles came with them. Also, if anyone has any advice on this swap out, that would be greatly appreciated. So far, simply have the SYE and D44 in the rear with a slightly modified (Clifford Cam, Header, Loads of head work, blah blah) mill pushing things. Advice on things like clutch, bellhousing and linkage would be great. Thanks!
Do as much research as you can before you start the swap. Check out AA and Novak for adapters. AA has install instructions with diagrams that should help with the swap. I used a stock TJ clutch on mine. You'll probably need a CJ 4cyl slave from 4wheelparts or someone else, plus the stainless line and fittings to attach it to the master. I replaced the slave pushrod with some allthread and a couple of jam nuts. You'll need to get at least 1" of travel from the slave to full dissengage the clutch. Not sure what you'll have to do about the YJ tcase shifter. You'll probably have to modify your skid also. I used the bellhousing and tcase adapter housing from AA.
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