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1993 round-top nv4500, from a 4wd GM 2500 truck. Condition is "operable when pulled", and it has been stored inside 100% since it was removed from the truck.

This transmission has the low 6.34 "granny-low" gear. The ratios are all very similar to a sm465, but with the addition of an overdrive gear.

This transmission is not being sold with a bellhousing.

I do have a driver's-side hydraulic bellhousing for a 85-87 sm465. I could sell this with the transmission for an extra $100. The transmission could be drilled to fit this bellhousing, for installation into a stock-height squarebody.

I've got way too much info collected on these nv4500's. If you need advise on swapping a nv4500 into something, ask away.

I'm willing to help arrange shipping if needed. Fastenal(Blue Lane Shipping) is opening up again, but is still limited in their operations. Their prices were very reasonable before covid19. I don't know about now.
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